Fuck ponies. I want a dragon!

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Jannis Hermanns

Salzachstr. 6
14163 Berlin Germany
recommender systems collaborative filtering kitesurfing basketball ruby on rails
Good day to you. I made Gym Hero for iPhone and have some stuff over at github. At posterous I post messages that are too big for twitter, but too small for a blog (and mostly nonsense). Oh, and I do like movies a lot. I rate them at moviepilot, and I also have fun programming recommender systems there. Taking photos is something I find really cool, and I have my favorite photos on a site called spiegelrelaxkamera and most of my other photos are at flickr. And I mostly never go to my profiles at linkedin and xing, so if you want, you can do that for me. I try not to sit in front of computers too much by spending as much time as possible kitesurfing and playing basketball. You can send me emails at jannis@gmail.com.

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Jannis Hermanns, Salzachstr. 6, 14163 Berlin