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Jannis Hermanns

I’m a programmer from Berlin interested in security engineering and the backend/platform/operations end of things. In my spare time I made an iPhone fitness app called Gym Hero and a bunch of kids. A long time ago I started the s9y project.


I appreciate your work and am very aware that it’s not easy. To make the most of your time and mine, please know that I am not looking to change position. Feel free to follow me on twitter where I often give shouts out to friends and former colleagues looking for something new.

Thank you ❤️


To save you any further googling, this is where you can reach me (save my phone number and physical address, which are left as an easy exercise for the interested reader):

🔄 jann.is

📷 - on flickr

💌 hi@jann.is

🔏 jannis on keybase.io

💻 jayniz on github.com

📝 @jannis on twitter.com